Managing Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year again!  The 假期 are upon us. Decorations are being hung, gifts are being bought, holiday music fills the air.

对于一些, these festive signs can be soothing and a gentle push into the holiday spirit while shopping for the right gift and making sure all the spices and sides are checked off the grocery list. 为他人, it can be a stress-induced nuisance or a reminder of all the things that need to be completed before family and friends arrive. To combat holiday stress, it is good practice to get ahead of your planning. Here are a few tips to remain joyful while checking your lists twice:

提前计划: If you have not already started, begin your seasonal checklists. By creating a checklist whether for dinners, gifts or decor it is a good physical way to hold yourself accountable.

Create grouped checklists: Having a running checklist can add additional stress and anxiety to planning. Create separate checklists such as one for gifts, another for dinner and one for travel planning needs. Having lists by theme will help compartmentalize your mind when recounting what needs to be done rather than having a long intimidating list that seems to never end.

Add dates next to tasks: By adding dates or adding notes to tasks, it does not only hold you accountable but also aids in time management. Not everything needs to be accomplished overnight, as one thing can be checked off each day or week. It also eliminates the rush on Christmas Eve to go back out into the irritable busy crowd of shoppers for last-minute gifts.

Decorate at your own pace: If you’re one to decorate after Thanksgiving is over, you know how time consuming it is to switch over from the fall decor to the Christmas tree. Instead of waiting to get all of the boxes down or out of the garage on the day after Thanksgiving, try to place them in areas where you can get to them quickly so you can slowly put away the fall decor you no longer need (like that one Halloween decoration that you always forget to put away). You can also take your time decorating for Christmas by dedicating yourself to decorating one room at a time.

If nothing seems to alleviate your stress or it’s severely impacting your health, consider speaking with your provider or contacting UofL 健康 – 和平医院. 和平医院 has an Assessment and Referral Center that offers a no-charge assessment. You can also contact the 24-hour crisis and information center line at or .



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